ASV Chapter Assistance Program is overseen by the Development Committee.


The chapters of the Archeological Society of Virginia are crucial to the success of the organization as they are community based and in direct contact with the public, providing educational opportunities that further the ASV’s goals:

    • Promote the study of archaeology and anthropology, especially, but not limited to, the prehistoric and historic periods of Virginia;
    • Work for the proper conservation and exploration of archeological sites and materials. Encourage the scientific study of archeological sites and materials and discourage careless, misdirected, or commercial collecting of artifacts;
    • Promote the spread of archaeological knowledge through the media of publications, meetings, lectures, exhibits, etc.
    • Collaborate with other organizations and agencies that serve the same purposes as those of this society. Serve as a bond between the individual members and as a link with similar organizations in other states.


The Chapter Assistance Program (CAP) is to provide monetary assistance for local chapter needs including, but not limited to: research, equipment, reference materials, speaker support, travel, meeting place expenses, and archaeological site admission fees. While research is to be emphasized, ASV recognizes the many needs of local chapters.


After a local chapter approves the request by majority vote, it will make a formal request to the CAP Sub-committee in writing using the application form posted to the ASV Web Page. The sub-committee will review, make comments if necessary, and make a decision as to award. If an award is made, the Chair of the sub-committee will notify the ASV Treasurer and payment made. The request must explain how the activity supports the stated goals of the ASV. All members associated with the request must be ASV members in good standing. The subcommittee will have up to 30 days to make a decision.

Funding Level:

A single request shall not exceed $250.00. A local chapter can receive only one award per annum and the total CAP budget is set at $1500 per annum. Deadlines for applications are January 1, April 1, and August 1 of each year.

Funding Eligibility:

• Research – any research or expense associated with research which supports the ASV
• Equipment – any equipment, tools, or programs required for field or laboratory support;
• Reference materials – any books, articles, or certification reading needed;
• Speaker support – any funding necessary to support a speaker or to provide for a gift of
ASV merchandise;
• Travel – any travel needs for speaker, student, or chapter which furthers the ASV
• Meeting Place Expenses – chapters should endeavor to hold meetings at venues which
are cost-free; however, funding is appropriate for special meetings;
• Experience Enhancement – any costs associated with events which support ASV mission;
• Archaeological Site Admission – any costs associated with archaeological site admissions for chapter members which support ASV mission.
Other appropriate requests will be considered.


A written report on the use and outcome of the award will be submitted to the ASV Newsletter for publication within 3 months of the completion of the project.

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